Sustainable Development
With Our Partner Communities

Working Together For A Prosperous Future

BlackRock is proud to partner with our local community stakeholders in growing the local economy and creating many direct and indirect jobs.
We have been strongly supported by local communities, First Nations, regional economic development groups, municipal governments, the Government of Quebec and the Government of Canada.

For the nearby mining center of Chibougamau, we are pleased to provide quality, well paid, non FIFO jobs that we hope will attract people and businesses for generations to move there over the project’s lifespan. We will depend on the talented workforce, as well as benefit from the growing housing, transportation and educational infrastructure.

We are very happy to have as investor partners the nearby Cree nation of Oujé-Bougoumou and the regional development funds ARBJ and SDBJ. Together, their deep local knowledge and sense of history will provide context to responsibly steward this important resource.

Our investment in the community of Saguenay as a metals producer in the form of our secondary smelter and port facility at the Zone industrialo-portuaire de La Baie (ZIP) is a reflection of our belief that the value-adding part of the production process represents a significant boost to employment and maximizing value and benefits to the local economy. As this facility will be neighbours with the local Innu community, at BlackRock we are also taking the necessary steps in order to provide them with material and future access to jobs and opportunities that will flow from this development.

Our Partners At A Glance


Cree Nation community located 35 kilometres west of Chibougamau


Mining town with highly skilled and experienced workers
Support facilities (and hospitals)


Mining town with a highly skilled community
Support facilities (housing, transportation, schools)

Ville de Saguenay, QUÉBEC

Air, land, sea: the city of Saguenay is distinguished by its multimodality. It has an airport, a divided four-lane highway that connects the region to Quebec City and road and rail systems connected to a four-season deep-water port.
The City of Saguenay has a pool of skilled labor and subcontractors, well skilled in primary, secondary and tertiary industries.

Mashteuiatsh, Essipit, Pessamit, Québec

BlackRock has signed a partnership agreement on  August 6 2020 with the three Innu communities. The parties have agreed to work together to maximize the economic benefits of the project for the Innu communities.