Vanadium Is Used to Strengthen Steel and China Can’t Get Enough of It
SYDNEY—A 2008 earthquake that devastated a mountainous part of China is prompting a scramble for a little-known metal in a...
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Vanadium’s electric future hobbled by its industrial past: Andy Home
LONDON (Reuters) - Last year it was cobalt. The year before that it was lithium. This year it is vanadium,...
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Electric carmakers step up pursuit of enhanced EV batteries
Relentless cost reductions over the past decade have made solar panels and wind turbines increasingly competitive with coal and natural...
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Quebec Government Invests $248M to Support BlackRock Metals Project
Historic agreements were reached between the Ontario government and First Nations partners on May 3 that will see mining and...
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Vanadium is the latest beneficiary of the battery craze
OPEN a toolbox, pull out a spanner and you may be holding a bit of the answer to global warming:...
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BlackRock Metals Raises $40M in Equity Financing
Established in 2008, BlackRock Metals develops an integrated, environmentally enhanced, metals and materials manufacturing business from its vanadium and titanium...
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