Mining and Processing for High Purity Products

Competing in Tomorrow’s Markets

BlackRock Metals has committed to raise over $1 billion to fund the construction of the BlackRock Project.

BlackRock Metals is a Canadian company with head office in Montreal and regional offices in Chibougamau and Saguenay, Quebec. Our experienced management team is backed by an investor group of North American private equity funds, Canadian Government organizations and other world class financial institutions.

Our strategy to build a long-term, low cost, stable supplier of high-quality products is based on leveraging five key factors:

1. Long-life, high grade ore body in politically and financially stable jurisdiction;
2. Multiple revenue streams and fundamental growth in vanadium demand;
3. Nearby value-added processing with a state-of-the-art, high-efficiency facility;
4. Logistical advantages based on location and a east coast deep-water port, rail/road access, natural gas supply and abundant low cost hydro-electric power;
5. Sustainability, environmentally friendly processes and strong relations with nearby communities.

BlackRock Metals will utilize our high quality raw materials in our forward thinking EnviroGreen manufacturing process and leverage our geographical location to establish a sustainable competitive advantage.

BlackRock Metals is led and managed by a seasoned and dedicated team of industry professionals, governed by a strong independent board of directors and has the expertise and proven track record to build and operate this exceptional opportunity.