EnviroGreen Processing

Knowledge, Proficiency, Responsibility

BlackRock is striving to be a leader in the production of low carbon, high purity metals and materials. Utilizing proven processes to minimize new technology risk, our high purity inputs and modern infrastructure will meet the challenge of creating products while reducing our environmental footprint. Our Saguenay facility uses clean natural gas and will produce almost no solid waste and our goal over time is to be a near-zero CO2 emission operation.


  1. VTM Ore extracted from open pit mine and concentrated at on-site Mill in Chibougamau
  2. VTM concentrate delivered to Saguenay Plant from Mine/Mill 
  3. Pelletizing, DRI System and PyroMet EAF Process to produce hot metal
  4. Modern electric furnaces used to refine the hot metals into final product of iron, vanadium and titanium