High Purity MPI

Merchant Pig Iron (MPI) is semi-finished steel derived from the smelting of iron concentrate. The steel produced from MPI is utilized in all aspects of everyday life – construction of buildings and bridges, automotive, consumer products and aerospace. It is also utilized in water supply and waste disposal pipes and mission critical heavy engineering applications.

High Purity Merchant Pig Iron (HP MPI) is a superior quality, premium priced MPI. Standard MPI has an iron content >92%Fe whereas HP MPI is >96%Fe along with lower impurities and high carbon recovery. The steel industry considers these inputs as a more reliable and consistent feedstock than alternatives for optimizing iron yield, thus higher quality finished steel. The cleanliness of BlackRock’s feedstocks results in an MPI product that meets the requirements for the high purity market.

MPI is often used alongside scrap iron in electric furnaces to generate steel products in a more environmentally efficient manner (recycling) than traditional steel making.  The annual worldwide production of MPI is 75,000,000 tonnes. The U.S. is a net importer of 4,000,000 tonnes per year. Approximately 90% of US imports are produced in Brazil, Russia and Ukraine and just under 10% is supplied from Canada. With our low cost, fully permitted captive source of iron ore concentrate, with titanium and vanadium by-products, BlackRock Metals is well positioned to take advantage of markets in the US and Europe.