Company Overview

Established in 2008, BlackRock Metals is a privately-owned Canadian company developing a fully integrated, environmentally enhanced, metals & materials manufacturing business from its wholly-owned, world-class vanadium and titanium bearing magnetite (“VTM”) and ilmenite deposit in Quebec, Canada.

As a result of superior grades, world class tonnages, clean mineralogy, exceptional metallurgical recoveries, low cost renewable hydro power and the excellent logistics of its location, BlackRock will enjoy an unparalleled market advantage and the distinction of being the global low cost producer of ferrovanadium steel additives, high purity merchant pig iron (“MPI”), and high quality titanium feedstocks for the US and European markets.


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BlackRock is branding its paradigm shift in thinking and design for production of carbon neutral high purity metals and materials utilizing proven processes to meet the challenge of creating environmentally friendly metallic products with zero technology risk.


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Vanadium increases the strength of steel making it tougher and up to 50% lighter. Utilized for construction grade structural steel and in the automotive and aerospace industries for high strength low alloy steel (HSLA) for cars, trucks, cranes, bridges, railways and structures designed to handle large amounts of stress or that require a good strength-to-weight ratio. Vanadium is also used increasingly in Titanium Alloys for aerospace and as a key input in redox batteries used to manage storage of electricity from renewal sources.

High purity MPI is a main feedstock into Electric Arc Furnace Steel (Mini Mill) operations which have replaced the highly polluting blast furnaces in the North American and European steel markets, enabling a reliance on recycled materials. BlackRock’s ultraclean MPI reduces contaminants and impurities in the resulting steel, and is also ideal for use in ductile foundry operations for the production of high quality tools, pipes and industrial parts.

Titanium is recognized as a space-age material, highly resistant to corrosion with a very high strength-to-weight ratio. It is ideal for use in the aerospace, agri-food and medical fields and for applications in the pigment, plastic and ceramics industries due to its light weight and superior optical characteristics.


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Enough raw material for over 100 years – 17 km deposit, at surface, from the Superior Province of the North American Craton. Formed 2.7 billion years ago in a pristine state, BlackRock’s mineral chemistry is unique in the world and our feedstocks are ideal for the creation of our valuable products and their application to industry. BlackRock’s world-class scale is enhanced by its established nearby communities, the availability of a trained and technically skilled workforce, transportation, port, hydro-electric power and maintenance infrastructure.